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The following is our joint Press Release:-


Offering the UK’s most versatile drone operating permission.

Flying Pictures, the world’s leading aerial and stabilized camera company today announces that it has completed the acquisition of BB Stratus. The only UK based company legally permitted to fly a 20Kg aircraft in built up areas to within 10m of the public and up to 600ft day & night.

The deal will see Angus Benson-­‐Blair join Flying Pictures board of directors as Chief UAV Pilot. The news follows the recent merger with The Lens Foundry and reinforces Flying Pictures position as the world leading aerial filming company.

The company now combines the best of the aerial film and television production worlds. The Flying Pictures team have over 35 years of aerial film production experience in the motion picture business -­‐ with well over 400 movies under its belt including thirteen James Bond films, the complete Harry Potter series and the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Flying Pictures were also responsible for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games stunt which saw Her Majesty the Queen and James Bond parachute into the stadium.

BB Stratus is recognised as the UK’s most capable drone operator due to its unique permissions. Being able to fly a 20kg aircraft to within 10m of property and people outside of the pilot’s control at heights up to 600ft in both day and night means we can fly more sensors in more locations than any other operator.

Credits to date include hit drama series such as Happy Valley, The Fall, DCI Banks and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, as well as commercials and feature films including Swallows and Amazons.

Flying Pictures can now confidently state that no other aerial filming company offers such a diverse range of services and skills with an inventory of equipment capable of lifting heavier cameras and lenses for movies and television.

“To be joining Flying Pictures is an amazing honour. Their credits and how they go about business is second to none and to be part of this is extremely exciting. Drones are such a valuable tool in the aerial filming business now and with our permissions we can get the shots no other operator can, something that Flying Pictures have been doing for the last 35 years with helicopters”. Angus Benson-­‐Blair, BB Stratus

“BB Stratus and Angus’ professionalism, knowledge, reputation and experience within the maturing drone industry is unrivalled and we’re delighted to welcome him to the Flying Pictures family”. James Hunter Smart, Flying Pictures

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