Live Broadcast Drone takes to the air



The use of drones in live broadcasting has been increasing, however the biggest hurdle to date has been to provide a package which includes a full broadcast specification camera and downlink on an aircraft safe enough to fly in congested areas (our CAA permission permits us to fly with just 10m separation from the public in the UK).

Gone are the cheap substitutes of pro-sumer DSLR cameras (like the panasonic GH4) with lightweight video "monitoring" links, now its possible for productions to have drone based aerials without compromise...

Last summer, Flying Pictures proved the concept completing over 400 flights in Rio using the industry standard Sony P1 broadcast camera and zoom lens with a Cobham Nano Full HD downlink. But what made the real difference was that the cameras were fully "rackable", meaning that the colour shading and iris are remotely controlled and match the entire Outside Broadcast output.

This year Flying Pictures have teamed up with SPFilms and Timeline OB's to provide our unique congested area aircraft with full broadcast specification cameras for the 5-day 2017 Henley Regatta, produced by Sunset+Vine for the first time in the UK.

During the first two days of the competition we completed 98 flights, you can watch the coverage live on BT Sport over the next couple of days // Contact Flying Pictures for more information +44 1264 862222 //

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