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Flying Pictures is the UK & Scandinavian partner and authorised reseller of all Cineflex systems and accessories. Cineflex is part of General Dynamics, a US global aerospace and defence corporation, who produce a range of stabilised systems with single HD or multi sensors, including thermal imaging, prime lenses and spotterscopes. The Californian company’s highly acclaimed state-of-the-art High Definition stabilised camera has become the system of choice for users in the United States and Europe.

Cineflex gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems are designed to meet the most exacting requirements of television and motion picture directors, as well as search, surveillance and utility monitoring operators. Cineflex is the only high-definition (HD) camera system in daily use aboard aerial filming, electronic news gathering and law enforcement helicopters across the USA. The stabilized gimbal is often employed as a HD 'cable-cam' at major sporting events.

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Cineflex Elite High Definition for Film and Television

Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics’ design engineers, the Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system.

The Cineflex ELITE combines the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera.

The Cineflex family of cameras is compatible with a variety of certified mounts and can be rigged in a fraction of the time of other Super 35 format digital production camera systems on the market.

Easily integrated onto cable and rail systems, aircraft, automobiles, boats and other mobile platforms, the Cineflex ELITE brings Super 35 format digital production to new places.


Cineflex V14 High Definition for Film and Television

Ultra Flexible, Lightweight, High Performance, High Definition Gyro-Stabilized Camera System. The Model V14 is a flexible gyro-stabilized camera system offering increased payload capacity for a wider range of sensors. V14 can operate at up to 200 mph with a 560mm zoom lens extended 2x to its full 1120mm, the Cineflex HiDEF also features the ability of 360-degree pan, 165 degree tilt, and +/- 45 degrees roll, automatic and steerable, all with amazing accuracy and stability. Designed around Sony's HDC-950 and the new HDC-F950 cameras, the Cineflex HiDEF utilizes top-quality lenses including Canon and Fujinon's HD zooms, as well as Zeiss' new Digi-Primes.

Cineflex's V14-MS Magnum HD camera system, delivers rock-steady and pin-sharp images, even when employing high-magnification lenses with motorized 2x extenders (delivering as much as 84x optical zoom). Wide field-of-view lenses, low-light or infrared imaging and laser range-finding sensors can also be integrated into a multi-sensor package.

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Cineflex V14-MS High Definition Multi Sensor for Surveillance

Model V14-MS is a flexible gyro-stabilized Multi Sensor camera system offering a High Definition daylight camera with a long lens and a three field of view Infrared camera.

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