Aerial Mounts

EclipseXL 2D & 3D, 35mm, 65mm, 70mm and Digital

With its open architecture, the system has the ability to take virtually any camera from 70mm IMAX film to Arri Alexa65, Panavision DXL, RED Weapon, all forms of Alexa and more. Lens choice is also much wider than with other systems allowing for maximum creative flexibility.

Shotover K1 and F1

With a variety of lens and digital camera options.

Cineflex Elite

integral Alexa M and choice of 14.5-60mm or 30-300mm lenses

Cineflex V14

HD/SD with integral Sony 1500 and Fujinon HA42 x 9.7 lens 

Ground Support

CAA approved bowser for helicopter Jet A1 fuel delivery on location and 4x4 Fire Truck driven by trained personnel and fully equipped to deal with helicopter fire.

Video Downlinks

Our in-house links offer full HD in multiple formats. Choose from LinkSys and Cobham with highly skilled technicians.