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Flying Pictures is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of BB Stratus. The only UK based company legally permitted to fly a 20Kg aircraft in built up areas to within 10m of the public and up to 600ft day & night. See our News section for the full Press Release.

fp bbstratus

Flying Pictures is the European leader and worldwide operator in all forms of aerial film and TV production, whether it is action in the air or aerial filming from helicopters, planes, drones and other aircraft.

The company has a full Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority and holds an unequalled range of approved aircraft mounts including Eclipse, Shotover and Cineflex. All personnel including pilots, aerial cameramen, engineers and technicians are in-house trained to be the safest and the best.

With over 400 film credits spanning the company’s 35 year history including thirteen James Bonds, all the Harry Potters, the recent Star Wars and many Ridley Scott features, Flying Pictures has a unique experience and safety record in achieving production requirements.

We are also proud patrons of the British Society of Cinematographers.


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