Our Team

Since our formation in the late 1970's, the team at Flying Pictures have been credited on a huge range of productions, from iconic feature films and commercials, to some of the worlds best loved television dramas and live broadcasts.


Helicopter Pilots:

Marc Wolff | Chief Helicopter Pilot, Aerial Coordinator & Director | IMDB | Showreel


Drone Pilots:

Angus Benson-Blair | Chief Drone Pilot & Managing Director | IMDB

Dani Rose | Drone Pilot | IMDB

Camera Crew:

Adam Dale GBCT | Aerial Director of Photography | IMDB | Showreel

Adam Sculthorp GBCT | Drone Camera Operator | IMDB

Darren Miller ACO | Drone Camera Operator | IMDB

Pete Berglund | Drone Camera Operator | IMDB

Basile Longchamp | Aerial Camera Technician / Operator | IMDB

Will Handley GBCT | Aerial Camera Technician | IMDB

David Arms | Aerial Camera Technician | IMDB

Dave Francis | Engineering / Aerial Camera Technician | IMDB

Chris Williams | Drone Camera Technician | IMDB

Musty Tyebkhan | Digital Imaging Technician / Aerial 1st AC | IMDB

Client Operations Team:

Giles Johnson | Head of Operations

Natalie Evans | Operations Assistant


Aircraft Ground Crew:

Steve North | Aerial Ground Coordinator | IMDB

Phil Pickford | Aerial Ground Coordinator | IMDB

Ian Purnell | Aerial Ground Coordinator



Colin Prescot | Chairman 

James Hunter Smart | Financal Director

Paul Rosser | Accounts Manager

A short history of Flying Pictures:

Originally founded in the late 1970’s by advertising executive and explorer Colin Prescot, the company made its name as the world's largest hot-air balloon business. During the early 1980’s Colin met renowned helicopter film pilot Marc Wolff and agreed to expand the company to include helicopter filming services. In the 1990’s its activities further expanded into airships, tethered blimps, design and manufacturing stabilised camera systems, film production, film processing and high altitude record attempts (see cable and wireless). During the early 2000’s the hot-air ballooning business suffered from the outbreak of Foot and Mouth, and the focus of the company began to concentrate on the high-end feature film helicopter aerial film services that had previously been one of its smaller divisions.

By 2010 the company had concentrated entirely on its helicopter filming division, expanding its aerial camera resources and specialist crew. Innovation has always been central to the business and in 2016 the company expanded with the addition of the most advanced and experienced drone crews. Flying Pictures have quickly become the "one stop shop" for all forms of aerial camera work, spanning helicopters, planes and now drones.