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Our aerial filming crew have experience working all over the world and on any size of project.

Since the company's formation in the late 1970’s by aerial adventurer, Colin Prescot, the team at Flying Pictures have been credited on hundreds of productions. We’ve worked in some of the most testing places; from high altitude shoots, to filming ships over the oceans, from scene-setting shots of London to action packed sequences in the jungles of South America and Asia.

We’ve coordinated and filmed some of the most memorable aerial stunts and action scenes including Cliffhanger, the Queen parachuting at the London Olympic Games, to more recently, filming Tom Cruise riding his motorcycle off one of the largest cliffs in Europe, capturing one of the most dangerous stunt sequences in film history.

A (not so) brief history

Flying Pictures was originally founded in the late 1970’s by advertising executive Colin Prescot, the company originally made it’s name as the world’s largest hot-air balloon business. Read more of our 45 year history and timeline to current day.

Meet the team

Meet our team of helicopter and drone pilots, award winning camera crew, talented ground crew and operations coordinators.


Flying Pictures have some of the best operating permissions in the UK. On the drone side, we can fly just 10m from people and buildings (if safe to do so) and up to 20m with our 35kg heavylift aircraft. With helicopters, we work closely with the best helicopter operations nationally and internationally to fly in single or twin engined helicopters around the UK and the world.

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Some of our latest and greatest work, captured and shown off in our new showreel featuring projects shot globally. 

"No other company, globally, has contributed more to aerial cinematography than Flying Pictures"

Will Glover | Drone Pilot

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