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United Kingdom.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

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How do I book you?

You can go ahead and speak to one of our operations team by visiting the contact us page. We have a full time team of operations staff who can guide you through the process of booking a helicopter or drone for your production.

Where are you based?

Our head office is in West London and we also have offices in Winchester and Sheffield in the UK. Outside of the UK we have office in Lyon, Nashville and LA. Our in house crew are based from our offices however we work with a national and sometimes international talent pool in order to find the best crew for your production.

Are you insured and licensed?

Flying Pictures holds 10m public liability insurance for all of its activities. We only work with licensed professional operators and hold some of the best aerial permissions in the UK for both helicopter and drone platforms.

How close can you fly to people?

Our drone permissions are some of the very best in the UK. We can fly our Inspire 2 and Alta 8 platforms 10 meters from buildings and uninvolved people, and our Alta X heavylift aircraft 20 meters from buildings and uninvolved people. To achieve this distance, we have to meet certain criteria, which we can of course advise you of if and when required.

What cameras can you fly with?

Our aircraft allow us to fly with a variety of different camera systems and are designed to be flexible. Popular choices are the Arri Alexa Mini, LF and 35, as well as the Sony Venice i and ii. It’s also possible to fly film cameras such as the Arri 416 and 435.

Can you fly in different countries?

Yes, recent drone regulations have made it much easier to fly outside of the UK with new EASA rules. We can also fly outside of Europe with appropriate planning time. We’ve flown al lover the world including some very difficult places to gain permission such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Russia.

Where are you helicopters based?

We are a global business operating around the world. We source suitable machines closest to your filming location and bring our chosen helicopter pilots to operate them. This saves our clients valuable money and means we can operate virtually anywhere in the world.

What camera and lens packages can you fly?

Having the largest selection of in house helicopter gimbal systems in the world gives us a wide choice of camera operations. From live broadcast systems to array systems built around RED Raptors or Arri’s, to large format film cameras, we can mount the right camera and lens package for your production.