Helicopter Filming

The most experienced helicopter aerial filming worldwide.

With over 45 years of aerial filming history, Flying Pictures can offer you seamless helicopter aerial filming for your productions across the globe, not only safely and cost effectively, but utilising a worldwide talent pool of exceptionally well regarded aerial DOP's and helicopter stunt pilots with exceptional levels of experience making movies.

We are pleased to house the most comprehensive selection of gimbals in the world with multiple Shotover systems, Cineflex, Flir and Eclipse systems waiting to have your preferred payload mounted and flown.

We have extensive relationships with helicopter providers both in the UK and worldwide meaning we can source helicopters in virtually any location at short notice as well as providing pilots and ground crew to ensure both a safe, and productive shoot every time.

Shotover K1, F1 and M1 systems

We have a comprehensive selection Shotover camera systems in house meaning we can mount a variety of different camera and lens packages to suit your requirements.

The largest, the Shotover K1 is suitable for housing camera arrays and large format cameras with its open design and large capacity.

Our Shotover F1, tested rigorously around the world has been a staple of our aerial filming equipment for some years. With a large capacity and a plethora of different camera mounts, it's popular for it's flexibility and ease of use on shoots. This system also requires fewer crew than the likes of the K1 and Eclipse XL systems due to it's slightly smaller external form factor.

We also own and operate 2 Shotover M1 systems, predominantly for live broadcast, however these systems are also used vehcile mounted for a multitude of different uses, both live and pre-record. With 5 axis stabilisation and a wide variety of in house bracketry, we can mount a wide selection of different cameras including our P50's, Alexa Mini, Alexa Mini LF, RED DMSC2 bodies and many more.

EclipseXL 2D & 3D, 35mm, 65mm, 70mm and Digital

With its open architecture, the Eclipse XL system has the ability to take virtually any camera from 70mm IMAX film to Arri Alexa65, Panavision DXL, RED Weapon, all forms of Alexa and more. Lens choice is also much wider than with other systems allowing for maximum creative flexibility. The Eclipse XL, although older than other systems still outperforms many both in payload capability, stability and features.

GSS, Cineflex and Flir Systems

Our most cost effective systems are our GSS, Cineflex and Flir systems. These systems are predominantly used for live broadcast with Sony live broadcast payloads, however, we do offer one Cineflex Elite system with an Alexa M camera within it for those film projects looking for a cinematic look with lower budgets. Please contact us for more information regarding our live broadcast offering.