Helicopter Rental

Camera Helicopters

The choice of filming helicopter, or ‘camera ship’ is crucial. Our team have many years of experience and prides itself in making the process as simple as possible.

Whilst we own a wide range of approved mounts, our first choice will always be the 'Squirrel' family of aircraft. Widely available around the world, we have a long list of trusted global partners which enable us to source the best camera ship as close to your location as possible.

AS350 Single Squirrel:

Also called the ‘A-Star’, it is the first choice for most types of aerial camera work and is readily available worldwide. As a camera aircraft, it has smooth aerodynamic characteristics and it is also capable of carrying the larger and heavier Gyro Stabilised systems such as the Eclipse. The B2 & B3 models are ideal for shots that require large amounts of power such as a pull-away from a subject. They are also capable of working at high altitudes and in high temperatures.

AS355 Twin Squirrel:

Also called the ‘Twin Star’ is the first choice for the jobs that require a twin-engine helicopter, such as shots over built-up areas, gatherings of people, over water and/or at night. With the same fuselage as the Single, the Twin shares the same versatility and capabilities as its single-engine sister and is also readily available in the UK and overseas.

Robinson R44:

With approvals for our smaller Cineflex V14 and Elite systems, the R44 can be a more economical alternative to the above turbine engine aircraft.

Other Helicopter Types:

Bell 206, Bell 412. These may be suitable for some aerial filming under certain circumstances and conditions.

Action Aircraft

We can provide all manner of action aircraft, from Super Puma to Huey helicopters, we also provide both modern and vintage fixed-wing aeroplanes. Apart from Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft, we can also source Hot-Air and Gas Balloons.

Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll scour our vast network of contacts to source it for you.

Load Lifting Aircraft

A sometimes-indispensable addition to your shoot, the load lifting helicopter can shuttle heavy filming equipment and supplies straight to the heart of remote and inaccessible locations. With experience in highlands, islands and everything in between, we can supply both the necessary aircraft and also crew for the cargo handling and safety coordination of such an operation.

Aerial Reconnaissance

A very useful exercise in advance of a shoot, whether aerial or otherwise.  It’s a cost-effective way of getting to a location quickly and scouting a wide area.  Especially when involving the senior Creatives whose time is at a premium and can often be picked up from the studio.  Of course, an aerial recce flown by the filming pilot, with the Director and aerial DoP on board is of enormous benefit in advance of an aerial shoot and can save valuable time, and therefore costs, on the day.