Lighting Drones

At Flying Pictures, lighting drones have emerged as a go-to solution for capturing truly extraordinary perspectives in recent years. We have had the privilege of working on numerous projects where we mount powerful lighting systems onto our drones, revolutionising the way directors approach certain videos. The integration of lighting drones opens up a realm of possibilities, delivering a unique and awe-inspiring perspective that adds volume and depth to any scene.

Unleash Illumination from Above:

Our lighting drones have the remarkable ability to provide an abundance of light from the skies, transforming the way your scenes are lit. By leveraging the immense power of our drone-mounted lighting systems, we ensure that your production benefits from ample illumination that enhances every detail and visual element. From intimate close-ups to sweeping panoramic shots, our lighting drones make your scenes come alive.

Dynamic Repositioning for Creative Shadows and Effects:

The real-time repositioning capability of our lighting drones introduces an entirely new dimension to your production. By precisely manoeuvring the drone, we can create captivating shadows, dramatic effects, and stunning lighting compositions on the ground. This flexibility grants your production an unmatched level of creativity, enabling you to experiment with dynamic lighting scenarios that captivate and engage your audience.

UV Lighting Innovation:

Our expertise extends beyond traditional lighting solutions. We have embarked on fascinating projects involving our custom-built UV lamp, acting as the sole light source on set. This innovative approach allows UV paint to burst forth with vibrant intensity, creating a mesmerising and visually striking effect that amplifies the overall ambiance of your scenes. Our UV lighting techniques guarantee a distinctive and unforgettable visual experience for your production.

Our UV light in action on Potter Payper - Gangsteritus music video

Partner with Lighting Drone Pioneers:

At Flying Pictures, we are pioneers in harnessing the immense potential of lighting drones. With our cutting-edge technology, custom-built systems, and unmatched expertise, we bring unparalleled brilliance and volume to your production. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical precision with artistic vision, ensuring that your creative vision is brought to life with breathtaking illumination. Elevate your production to new heights by embracing the remarkable capabilities of lighting drones.